About Liffey Van Lines


What is it about New York that makes us migratory creatures? Between the fluctuating economy, space rental costs, and the divorce rate, if you haven’t recently moved or are preparing to move, then chances are you know of someone in relocation mode. Eavesdrop on any conversation in a NY bar or restaurant and you will hear far more moving and storage tales than nightmare accounts of traffic headaches for commuters. This is why the name and telephone number of a company that provides great New York moving services is such a valuable commodity. Whether you are interested in long distance moving services or need the services of local movers to transport your belongings around the corner, it’s great to be in the “know”. The name is Liffey Van lines and the number for their NYC moving services is 212-410-3500. Their Westchester moving company, which is located in Mahopac, can be reached at 845-628-5500.

Liffey Van Lines is well known for household relocation services locally, nationally, and internationally. As part of a large and integrated network of movers worldwide, Liffey Van Lines offers top shelf services. They are skilled in fine arts crating and packing and will handle your valuables with delicacy and care. Known as the “gold standard” in full packing services, Liffey Van Lines has the expertise to handle such items as pianos and priceless art with adequate preparation to ensure each move is seamless. Among the many New York City moving services, Liffey Van Lines is the overall number one choice. Artists and musicians with high value instruments and exhibits prefer Liffey Van Lines for special product moves both locally and nationally. From art collections to electronics to xylophones, Liffey Van Lines skillfully packs your belongings in crates and moving boxes with enough padding to guarantee each item arrives at its destination intact.

Is your business preparing for a move or office relation? Liffey Van Lines provides superb commercial moving services. Having been in the business for 40 years, they can tailor each assignment to meet the expectations and needs of their clients. They know that businesses rely on computers, printers and other high value equipment to remain operational which is why moving and storage of valuables is a science to them. Liffey Van Lines uses precision rather than guess work when handling valuables. Their movers cradle and swaddle your high value equipment because they understand these items may be the lifeblood of your company. They, therefore, handle them as precious cargo.

Longevity in an industry that has seen countless moving companies come and go is testament to their expertise. Liffey Van Lines is a name that will not only open doors but will carry the objects inside for you. Call them today for a free, guaranteed estimate for all your relocation and/or storage needs.