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Let’s Talk Storage

Liffey can apply its moving expertise to your items being stored. In addition to your items being packed into appropriate cartons, all furniture will be quilt wrapped and protected prior to its acceptance into long term or short term storage. Valuable art and antiquities can be crated on-site prior to transportation and ultimately its safe arrival into storage.

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Storage at Liffey

Liffey can provide you with secure and flexible storage facilities that bolster modern surveillance system in parallel to other LVL quality criteria;
      o    Access controlled systems
      o    Restricted elevator access
      o    HVAC control monitoring
      o    Maintenance management
      o    Inspected fireproofing systems

Total Storage Management

Liffey’s TSM, Total Storage Management system minimizes handling and can save you time and energy when retrieving an item from storage. Liffey can offer you a complete storage management solution, which makes identifying and retrieving one particular item from a total consignment effortless.

As part of Liffey’s Full Service moving and storage package, an inventory is compiled with each box identified, labeled and marked before it is carefully placed into a private storage unit.



If your business is located in New York City; it may prove more cost effective and better value for money to store stock, files or paperwork in a Liffey self-storage solution.

Liffey can host your storage right here in Manhattan. Liffey offer an array of storage units, in varying sizes to accommodate your immediate and long term storage provisions.

Liffey storage can provide you with:
      o    Access 6 days a week
      o    Convenient on site loading and unloading
      o    Temperature controlled storage units.

Attention lawyers, Architects and Engineers, tripping over those boxes in your office? Storage for business can be very cost effective. With our state of the art storage facilities with 6-day a week access local to you, the possibilities are endless to ensure greater space creation with your office or equally ensuring those data protection documents are safe.

Let Liffey collect and deliver your files ensuring those important documents are obtained on time!



Liffey offers an assortment of storage solutions in line with how we live today. Liffey’s purpose built vehicle storage facility in Mahopac, NY is the most cost effective way to access your classic auto. Let Liffey store your R.V., classic motorcycle, jet-ski or boat at Stillwater Road, Mahopac, NY for seasonal or annual storage.



If you still haven’t found what you are looking for in Manhattan and have specific storage requirements, contact us to find out how Liffey can assist in providing you with a storage solution to meet your criteria.

Liffey can offer you the most flexible storage space in Manhattan and can tailor the size of our units to accommodate any space requirements and specifications.

As a Liffey storage customer; you can choose to up-size or down-size the cubic size of your storage space at any point in time and make real savings on the space you only use.

Be confident with Liffey as your storage provider, you and your valuable possessions are in good hands. Liffey has been providing customized storage solutions for almost half a century and can offer you a custom storage package inside a Liffey designated storage space in Manhattan.

Choose from temperature controlled units, bulk yard space, auto, climate interior and exterior storage provisions.