Reviews are based on Excellence in Service, as judged by LIFFEY Storage Customers.

Needed this space for my college son... Didn't want to drag all his stuff home only to bring it all back in a month for next semester... This was so convenient & affordable... the ladies at front desk were very nice.
Elizabeth C. 10/22/15

The guys came early, and they were very helpful. Fast and careful. I felt comfortable explaining how I wanted things done.
Alice M. 7/19/15

Our office requires additional storage, so we use Liffey. Our company receives very large shipments and more often than not I don't get a heads up of a delivery time. The management and staff at this storage facility have helped me on more than one occasion and I am indebted to them and the effortless way they can accommodate my storage needs.
Shawmut C. 07/29/15

We received excellent service. They were extremely helpful and very friendly and accommodating. They made an arduous task very pleasant. Sebastian D. 06/2/15

I was very happy with the service. The Storage Manager was very helpful since I needed a bigger room than I originally reserved. The storage is very clean and easy to load. They were professional and efficient!
Katalin C. 07/1/13

The check in was fast, and the facility was clean. The receptionist was very helpful and answered all questions.
Robin B. 05/21/13

I was very pleased with the staff and cleanliness of the facility.
James D. 02/8/13

The staff was efficient and very friendly.
Valerie C. 12/16/12

Did not use the storage facility but the phone service was great. JOSHUA N. 10/2/2011 Thanks Joshua. If you need any storage in the future please don't hesitate to call us I wasn`t there to see the facility, but my family moved my things for me and said everything went smoothly.
Amanda N. 09/26/12

We were allowed to use a dolly, given water while moving, given t-shirts, and were all around pleased. We will definitely recommend this facility.
John M. 07/29/12

Everyone was super helpful. I bought a lock, it will protect my valuables.
Brian D. 08/29/11

The people at the storage place were more very helpful. The Storage Advisor even offered us a smaller unit once she saw how little stuff we had. The facility looks safe, clean, and well organized.
Sibylle W. 8/5/11

I was impressed by how friendly and professional the storage staffs were. Friendly, professional and a good price - can`t beat that.
Nick L. 07/17/11

When calling to confirm my reservation, we decided that the unit would not work for my current needs. The rep was kind enough to offer suggestions for a unit that would better suit me.
Troy W. 05/19/11

Friendly, helpful staff. Clean facility.
Usman J. 09/1/10

Very friendly staff, clean environment, easy access to storage.
Jakub L. 07/7/09

I like Liffey because it’s close to where I live and the staff is friendly.
Syreeta M. 06/8/08